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The Daniel 8 Prophecy: Understanding The Times, Tyler, Texas.

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Many of you have been patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the videos from our 2019 Understanding the Times Conference in Tyler, Texas. Each session was powerful and eye opening. If you are a student of prophecy, hold on to your seat, because this conference will ignite your passion for learning about End Times Prophecy. Get ready to be prepared, equipped, and empowered to better understand the words which may be fulfilled in this generation. This session begins with a moving recitation of Daniel chapter eight to set the stage for the panel of Bible scholars who open up a discussion for your consideration about what has taken place in history and what is yet to come. Featuring Joel Richardson, Jake McCandless, Christopher Mantei, Dana Crosby, and Nelson Walters. Enjoy!

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