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Is Revelation for the Church?


$7.99 on Amazon

Crucial End Times warnings for the Church are contained in the often overlooked portions of Revelation. Jesus thought it was important enough for you to be forewarned; so, why are so many teachers trying to keep these prophecies a secret? Because the contents of Revelation will shock the Western Church with what is about to happen. In this series, “7 Myths People Believe about the End Times,” Dana debunks the most common myths regarding the Last Days, so that you and your families will be prepared to "Stand firm" until the Return of Christ. In modern times, some teachers have claimed that the Book of Revelation isn't for the Church. These teachers assert that Revelation doesn't mention the Church after chapter four. But is this true? In book one, the essential quick guide, you will discover six Biblical proofs debunking the myth that Revelation was not written for the Church. Brought to you by

$7.99 on Amazon

'Dana's teaching cuts to the heart of God's word. She has a gift for explaining often misunderstood verses in simple-to-understand terms, and her series on Revelation changed my understanding of the End Times completely. Highly recommended." -TJ

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