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You'll be able to :

* Access 23 chapter by chapter videos.

* Track your progress.

* Go at your own pace.

* Download modules for church and Bible study.

* View bonus prophecy videos.

* Interact with community via comments.

* Ask me questions.

* Receive a 30 day guarantee.

You NEED to understand the prohecies in Revelation!

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  • Do you wish you understood the Book of Revelation?

  • Do you want to be prepared for what's coming in the Last Days?

  • Do you want to understand how current events are prophesied in the Bible?

  • Which crucial prophecies have been ignored by the Church?

What Your Pastor Never Told You About

The Book of Revelation 

is available at

$149  Only $99 !

"Dana's teaching cuts to the heart of God's word. She has a gift for explaining often misunderstood verses in simple-to-understand terms, and her series on Revelation changed my understanding of the End Times completely. Highly recommended." 


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