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David Meade Claims Rapture April 23, 2018 but Does Bible Agree?

David Meade was picked up by news giants all over the world last week for his claims that the Rapture will "begin" on April 23, 2018. (I assume that term "begin" is being utilized so that when it becomes obvious that the Rapture didn't happen on that date, David and his followers can say, "Maybe not in full, but it 'began' on that day.") Date setters have been on the rise this past year, with David Meade being among the many who claimed the Rapture was to happen on September 23, 2017. But it was clear to me (and many others), prior to the heralded date, that the Bible plainly shows us a different sequence of events. In fact, the Rapture could not have happened in September, and I detailed those biblical proofs in my video that has been viewed over 30,000 times (as of the writing of this) here.

Just prior to Passover and Easter, I put out another video explaining from 2 Thessalonians 2, the three specific events that most certainly have to occur prior to the Lord's return. If you missed that popular video, I'll link to it here.

My concern today, is both for the Body of Christ and for unbelievers. First, let me address the problems with date setting as far as evangelism goes. When dates are set by so-called, or even, well-meaning Christians, and nothing happens, it makes Christianity look both crazy and unreliable. We become relegated to the position of the proverbial boy who cried wolf, to whom the townspeople, simply stop listening.Think about it. If the western Church is largely Biblically illiterate, how biblically illiterate is the general populace? If someone calling themselves a Christian then predicts the Rapture on a certain date, the world is going to think that is what the Bible says. When it doesn't happen, they just assume the Bible is irrelevant and prophetically false. This is a grievous stumbling block to put in front of the world. And I'm convinced, Satan is quite thrilled when the Word of God and the authority of scripture is undermined.

Now that we have seen the harm done to non-believers, by date-setters, what are the effects on believers? All true Christians, long for the return of Christ. We groan inwardly, as the Bible indicates, for His arrival. But what happens to immature Christians who fall for the hype of these self-proclaimed experts, who every quarter pick a new "high alert" date? Their faith becomes undermined as well. Instead of placing their faith in the unshakable, irrevocable Word of God, they put their hope in false teachers and prognosticators, who, the audience assumes, know better than they. This reliance, on the words of men over the Word of God, is extremely dangerous and sadly could prove perilous for immature Christians who have not learned to trust in the Word of God. This is why it is essential that we read, study, and trust the Word of God. That is why today's video is so impassioned. My heart has a sense of urgency to protect the flock. David Meade, and the like, are deceiving many; it's not the first time, nor will it be the last. This is why we must be bold in calling out this deception and turning people back to the Word of God, so that their faith will not be shaken and they will be able to stand firm, come what may, until His return.

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