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3 Biblical Proofs Jerusalem is NOT Mystery Babylon

Some people suspect that Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon. They cite that Jerusalem is called Sodom and Egypt, but they fail to mention, that in those instances, the Bible explains specifically that it is referencing Jerusalem. If God were referencing Jerusalem in Revelation 17 and 18, one would expect, in the two chapters devoted to details about her, He would make it abundantly clear, as He does in the few sentences referencing Sodom and Egypt. They also say that Jerusalem is responsible for killing the prophets, so it has to be Jerusalem. Yet, not all the prophets were killed in Jerusalem. Further, as Joel Richardson pointed out in our interview, Mystery Babylon is credited with the blood of all the slain of the whole earth. Yet, we know, all the killings in the world have not taken place in one city. So we can reason, that it is the guilt or responsibility for all the slain will fall on one city, not that they occurred in that city, but this future Babylon will be held responsible. This statement is about her judgement and is not meant to be an identifier to her location. In this short video, I cover three Biblical proofs that Revelation 17 and 18 are NOT referencing Jerusalem. The third point is decidedly conclusive. See if you agree.

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