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Why Study Bible Prophecy? Is it Time for the Church to Wake Up?

Have you ever wondered if we are living in the last days? Do you want to know more about End Times Bible Prophecies? Do you want to know if current events we are witnessing today were prophesied thousands of years ago? This series of eight videos will help you understand and organize End Times events so you can see the signposts of the Lord's Return! This series features best selling authors: Dr. Michael Brown and Joel Richardson, Bible prophecy teachers: Dana Crosby, Daniel Secomb, Christopher Mantei, and Jake McCandless, Muslim apologist Al Fadi, and missionaries and authors Tom and Joanne Doyle! As a special treat, the videos are emceed by Marquis Laughlin in front of a live audience. I know this video series will help you put together the puzzle pieces of Bible prophecy and inspire you to dig into God's Word to prepare for the last days.

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