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Why are Google/YouTube and Facebook scrubbing this video?

America‘s Frontline Doctors held a press conference yesterday carried by Breitbart. Within hours it went viral and then was suddenly wiped from the major social media platforms. YouTube claimed it violated “community standards”. This is a must watch video for everyone. If you try and google this video it will instead que up a bunch of fake news from CNN and other liberal controlled propaganda outlets. These frontline Doctors have good news about the Corona Virus and you need to hear it straight from their mouths. Dr. Immanuel (her name means God with us) is also a Pastor from Nigeria. In another video, I will also link to, she shares the spiritual battle we are in. Join me in sharing this video and praying that the truth will no longer be suppressed. I pray this empowers you and gives you hope! Copy and paste this link to watch the video. 👇

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