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A Message from the Lord.

I don't say that lightly. This past Friday, after the National Day of Prayer, I was awakened in the morning with scriptures on my mind. The Lord proceeded to give me a Bible lesson, out of the blue, for the rest of the morning. Have you ever been reading scriptures and then the Lord brings confirmation, seemingly out of nowhere, about what He's been teaching you in other areas of life? I'm amazed with the surprising nuggets He revealed to me out of obscure (to me) places. I know this is a message He wanted me to release to the Body at just this time. This video is on a controversial topic, but fortunately, the Lord delivered me from the fear of the opinions of man, or I wouldn't have been able to produce it. All glory goes to Him. It's times like this, I cast everything on Him. I surrender my reputation to Him. I am delighted to bear reproach for Christ's sake, and I know it is an offering He will accept. Around the middle of the week, I realized, it's Mother's Day on Sunday. I thought I should do a video just for the occasion, then it dawned on me, I already had. This message the Lord gave me, is for both men and women, but the nature of this prophetic word is to empower and commission half of the Body of Christ that has been restrained due to improper understanding of God's heart. May God bless this offering and may the repercussions be mighty for His Kingdom. Please share this video with the women in your life who you know have a calling in the ministry.

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