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Watch and Share!

The power of our testimony cannot be underestimated! One of my favorite websites for inspiring true stories is! We can help share the gospel just by sharing these stories all over the internet! They are inspiring and faith building! Please help us spread the gospel on social media by sharing these videos everywhere! Are you interested in sharing your story? I challenge you to consider uploading a video testimony on facebook or Youtube. Let's start a movement of testimonies online! Your family members and friends can be impacted deeply through your story. When people are alone and watch these videos, their guards are down and they don't have to be defensive or worry about being judged. What a beautiful way in this generation to share the love of God. If you want to share your story, or you like to be inspired, join my facebook group "How I met Jesus" for videos just like this one! You can also send me a message there if you would like me to share your story!

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