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Secrets of The Bible Revealed After Thousands of Years!

Mark your calendars! This Wednesday, February 28th, Christopher Mantei (of Wings of the Eagle) and I will be hosting a FREE Bible prophecy webinar from 12pm-1pm. You do need to register to attend! I'm going to be speaking about the Sign of the Return of Christ, which is the most often mentioned, and yet the most overlooked sign in the Bible. Christopher is going to be presenting geography in the book of Daniel. If you are not able to attend the live webinar, make sure to register anyway, because will be able to replay it for 24 hours and also you will receive a special bonus offer that is not available anywhere else! I'll put the link below and once you register, you will get email reminders automatically! I'm super excited to offer this to you and you will be able to interact with Christopher and I via chat during our time together! Register and mark your calendars for Wednesday from 12-1pm Eastern. Click here to register and claim your spot in the class.

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