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Am I Good Enough to Go to Heaven?

Religion is the act of people trying to become good enough to please God. Jesus taught us that none of us can please God apart from Him. We need Jesus to please God. Jesus is our righteousness. It is because of His Holiness and His grace that we are accepted in God's sight. It is through dying to ourselves (our sinful nature), that in Christ, we can become alive and our nature becomes changed. We become like Him, but not of our own doing. By grace, we are made in His image, and are able to do as He does. We are not saved by our own good deeds. We are saved first, by His grace, and then out of a new character, we begin to do good deeds because we are made to be like our Father who Himself is good. It's not about doing righteous things, but it is about being righteous as He is, being Holy as He is. That is a gift from God alone. Will you receive the gift of grace this Christmas season? This is the Good News that while we were still sinning, Christ died for us! God loves us, His enemies. He's ready and able to forgive you and set you free from sin and guilt forever. Hallelujah


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