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I'm Thankful for YOU!

It's one of my favorite times of the year. I love getting together with family for special meals and traditions. This season, I am especially thankful for you! You are why I love doing these videos and your participation and words of encouragement sent via email, Facebook, and Youtube, light a fire in me to keep producing these materials for you. This year we are going to reach even more people with the truth of God's Word! Help us spread this content via sharing and via support, whether donation or through shopping with our affiliates such as Amazon. I love shopping via Amazon because it is so easy and ships incredibly fast. Having little ones at home, I rarely get time to shop alone, so Amazon makes what would be a difficult task, so easy. Now they are helping us even more by contributing to our channel when you shop too! But here's the catch, you have to use our special link to do your shopping or they won't support our channel. You still get the best deals via Amazon and you help us get this message to more people in 2017 and 2018. You can use this link all year! Thank you again for your help with our mission to make the Bible clear to thousands more people in the year ahead! May your Thanksgiving and Christmas be meaningful and cherished. God bless you!

Love you all!


SHOP USING THIS LINK : (You can shop for anything, just click on the drone to get there.) Thank you!

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