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Facebook Banned My Ads and 100+ subscribers on Youtube!

Exciting news! In the past 2 weeks, we have blown through the 100 subscriber mark, which took 5 months to reach, and then things picked up like crazy and we will probably surpass 150 in the next 24 hours! We have gained approximately 50 subscribers in a little over a week! We are experiencing record growth for the channel, so I thank you, and give glory to God, whose work this is.

Additionally, I found out that Facebook had been blocking me from placing ads on my page since Mother's Day. I appealed the block on my account and "won" the appeal. However, nothing of substance has changed. Each ad I attempt to "boost" is rejected by Facebook because, presumably, it is about Jesus. Please pray that God will show me a social media platform that is truly free from censorship and that people individually will share this content with family and friends since I will not be able to advertise.

Here's my first ever, YouTube Live. I hope you enjoy and hope to do some more in the future. Pray for those in Houston and the rest of Texas to have the waters recede from hurricane Harvey. Thanks!

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