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A Sign in the Heavens?

Are you watching the eclipse today? We've heard lots of speculation, and heard about what many believe is the Revelation 12 Sign, happening on September 23, 2017, but I just noticed something on my SkyGuide App when checking out the eclipse information that I don't think I've heard anyone mention. The eclipse appears to be taking place inside the constellation Leo, representing the tribe of Judah. Not only that, it appears to be directly over the brightest star, Regulus, with Mercury and Mars nearby. Scripture tells us, there's still more that needs to happen before the return of Christ, (which I will cover in a upcoming video), but could this begin the ticking of the clock of Daniel's 70th week (the last 7 year period before the Millennial reign of Christ on Earth)? Either way, these signs in the heavens seem significant (not astrology, but astronomy that God uses to tell us the appointed signs and seasons). One more, curious fact, another total eclipse is coming to America in just 7 years. Coincidence? I doubt it. Could the be the bookends on the last 7 years? We must watch and pray, being good students of the Word, as we patiently wait for His appearing.

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